Peshti (cave locality), Veles- 8.02.2009

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Peshti (cave locality), Veles- 8.02.2009

Post  dvormak on Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:19 pm

As usual, we packed the food,

took some coffee on the meeting point,

and headed for our day’s destination- the locality Peshti, near the city Veles…
The black clouds were a little concerning, but we were ready even for the worse.

Finally, when we arrived at the destination, the weather had some mercy for us and gave us the sunshine that we have hoped for.

It made the beautiful nature beside the river Babuna colorful, even in the middle of the winter

The locality is called Peshti from the word Peshtera (cave), and is known by the many caves in the surrounding rocks. Inside one (or in more) of the caves, there is a church, with icons painted on the cave walls.

We tried to reach the one cave-church, the road was accessible for our bikes until some point

and we had to continue on foot, over the wooden bridge

but only me and my wife dared to continue, the others returned down the road to a nice spot for the BBQ.

As previously mentioned, the surroundings along the river Babuna in the sunshine was magical.

On the way to the cave-church, our friends called and said thet they were finished preparing the fire for the BBQ, and the meat was inside my topcase, so they were desperately calling us to return. And so we did…
Well after that, what can I say, meat, bread, pickles and some heated schnapps…

After a nice meal, and some caffee in the center of Veles (btw. the best I have tasted so far)

we returned home.

Fore our town, we stopped for a quick photo,

and said good bye… until our next riding adventure…

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