Routes thru Macedonia

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Routes thru Macedonia Empty Routes thru Macedonia

Post  alfonso on Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:51 pm

Hi guys,

My name is Cristian and I am from Romania.

I want to make a tour from Romania - Serbia - Macedonia - Greece - Bulgaria - Romania.
I will come from Serbia and I want to pass (around 2 days) Macedonia and go to Greece. Or if the routes is more nice to Albania I will go to Albania and after that to Greece.

Can you help me with few nice routes thru mountain with nice roads and nice landscape?

Thank you very much for your help.



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Routes thru Macedonia Empty Re: Routes thru Macedonia

Post  dvormak on Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:43 pm

Hi Cristian,
nice to have you on this forum.
Since you come from Serbia, I guess you'll be taking the E-75 highway, and enter in Macedonia trough Tabanovce.
From there I suggest this route:
Border/Tabanovce-Skopje-Tetovo-Gostivar, Here ends the boring highway, and cintinues trough a beautiful landscape.
So you take the route Gostivar-Mavrovo (here make a circle around the Mavrovo lake)- Debar- Vevchani- Struga- Ohrid. You can find accommodation on Struga or Ohrid, but I also recommend Vevchani, the hotel "Vila od Alula", just ask for the owner- Vlado and tell him that Benny (that's me) sent you.
Then the next day from Ohrid go to st. Naum, up the mountain Galichica to Oteshevo, then Bitola and from here to the Greek border.
I hope you'll enjoy, and if you have some spare time when you pass in Skopje, I'd like to meet you for a chat/beer/coffee...
Have fun...

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